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Posted: 04/4/07 at 11:01am
Ever wondered what Net Neutrality is or why it is important? Here is a great video about it:

Posted: 02/06/07 at 3:40pm
OZZY and SHARON OSBOURNE and tour producer LIVE NATION broke the news today at the Concert Industry Consortium in Los Angeles that their 12th annual hard rock spectacular--a 25-date extravaganza launching July 7 in Los Angeles--is pulling the plug on ticket prices and giving the power back to the fans calling this summer’s OZZFEST "FreeFest."

Posted: 11/27/06 at 7:49pm
The Torontoist Cover Song Catalogue. A white girl singing "Straight Outta Compton?" Is Paula Abdul a good songwriter after all? From emo covers of Fergie to the best 80s song remakes, here are some picks for the best (and oddest) covers of all time.

Posted: 11/20/06 at 9:13pm
Fuck: A Documentary. Steve Anderson's documentary boldly examines all sides of America's favorite four-letter word and analyzes its impact on cinema, music, television, and our culture at large through archival footage, interviews, and animation by Bill Plympton. Fuck presents scholarly research from varied linguists discussing the origins of word, from its usage on the playground to the Senate floor, and features commentary from a whole slew of actors, authors, comedians, filmmakers, musicians, politicians, and porn stars. That's a whole lot of mouths that are going to need washing.

Posted: 10/30/06 at 9:02pm
On November 11, 2006 attendees will flock to the 10,500-seat historic Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco to witness the most cohesive representation of cutting edge music, fashion, and art in the nation. The Bill Graham Civic Auditorium has hosted some of the most legendary artists in history, from Elvis Presley to The Grateful Dead and Madonna, and it doesn't stop there. We've formulated a seamless bill with leading artists and talents to make BE THE RIOTTT! the very best of its kind.

Posted: 9/21/06 at 8:03pm
Mark Romanek is the guy who makes the music videos you love. Watch and learn. Romanek v2

Posted: 9/19/06 at 8:48pm
It's that time of year again. Time for DJmags Top 100 Djs. Go cast your vote at djmagtop100.... If you want to check out last years Top 100 you can see the list at

Posted: 9/18/06 at 11:21pm
With the release of iTunes 7, there are many more reasons you might want to have the album cover artwork for all of your music. Now there is an easy solution to find 600x600 size images of all of your favorite album covers. Check out This Site and fetch some artwork! And if you are scared to click on a .cgi website Here is how it works.

Posted: 10.07.05
Want to discover new music that you might like? Check out With Pandora you can explore to your heart's content. Just drop the name of one of your favorite songs or artists into Pandora and let the Genome Project go. It will quickly scan its entire world of analyzed music, almost a century of popular recordings - new and old, well known and completely obscure - to find songs with interesting musical similarities to your choice. Then sit back and enjoy as it creates a listening experience full of current and soon-to-be favorite songs for you.
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Posted: 01/25/07 at 1:59pm
Added the ability to subscribe to the Gorilla Feed via RSS.

Posted: 01/13/07 at 07:42pm
Moved some things around and removed the Gorilla Beam Poll.

Posted: 11/27/06 at 12:14am
Introducing the GorillaFeed. Sign up to be on our email list and get an email when we update the site. Also added some new articles in the events section. Also added a new banner, hosts us and we can't say enough good things about them so help them and us by checking them out at

Posted: 11/18/06 at 11:21pm
Since Austin and I have gotten lazy with doing batch updates I have decided to change things up a little bit. Now instead of doing a batch update with say 20 songs, we will now update more often but on a smaller scale. So maybe 2 updates a week with 3 songs. That way the site gets updated more often and your not staring at the same thing for a while wondering when were are going to get off our lazy asses and update this bitch. Anyway comments and suggestions are always welcome to improve the site.

This is why I love Travis Barker. He takes one of this summer’s rap anthems throws in some of his badassness and creates this gem. Now I won't feel quite as stupid doing this dance while I’m drunk. Even though I probably look just as supid.

Download: Crank That (Travis Barker Remix) (Downloaded times)

Posted on 11/23/07 at 10:17am By: Sean

So apparently Alanis Morissette needed some attention. And what better way to get some attention than to cover a crappy Fergie song. Not only does this cover make me want to stick a hot poker through my ears to end the pain. The video looks like a bunch of her drunken friends got a hold a video camera while they were partying in her garage, and decided to make their interpretation of a rap music video.

Posted on 4/3/07 at 2:04am By: Sean

alkaline trio crimson cover Artist: Alkaline Trio
Album: Remains
Year: 2007
Review: With raging power cords and countless songs about alcohol, Alkaline Trio proves that old songs never lose their touch. Their latest installment to a devilish ten year run is a cd/dvd pack entitled “Remains”. In this you’re reintroduced to old favorites, and exposed to new favorites that keep you asking for more. Songs that you thought they would never re-release as well as covers from Berlin and Hot Water Music infest this plethora of well written and highly visual overdose of sound. Oh, and did I forget to mention, the DVD has live performances, all their music videos, and behind the scene footage of the Trio on tour? Well now I have and trust me this is a must have to complete anyone’s ALK3 collection, or at least its something to hold you over till the next album.

Posted on 03/16/07 at 11:56am By: Mike

zion i and the grouch Description: The debut episode of XLR8R TV is out now at This episode features the French electro pop laptop trio DAT Politics who perform at Oakland's 21 Grand. They also interview Zion I, The Grouch and Amp Live in the studio and discuss the finer points of collaboration and freestyle. Also Rashida grills talks to some unsuspecting clubgoers about their best concert experiences, and what better way to start of than with Vivian taking a shot before breakfast.

Download it Now | Posted on 3/1/07 at 3:17pm By: Sean

2006: The Year of Going Dumb and Retrieving Sexy

   Although many new artists such as Lupe Fiasco and Be Your Own Pet shined bright in 2006, the real spotlight was presented on artists who had already defined themselves in previous years and once more in the past twelve months.

1. Lupe Fiasco - Heat Under The Babyseat (Downloaded times)
2. Be Your Own Pet - Adventure (Downloaded times)

   Under the urban guidance of former pudge pudge producer, Timbaland, Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake brought sexy and promiscuousness back to Pop music.

3.Nelly Furtado f. Chris Martin of Coldplay - All Good Things Come to An End (Downloaded times)
4.Justin Timberlake - My Love (DFA Remix) (Downloaded times)

   The San Francisco Bay Area's Hyphy Movement definitely garnered the suburban spotlight in 2006 as E-40, Too $hort, and fresh faced skate pimps, The Pack, educated the myspace masses via their bass heavy slappers on the cultural phenomenon of the Bay Area's Hyphy lifestyle in a way that many thought the late rapper Mac Dre was destined to do.

5. DJ Shadow feat. E-40 - Dats My Part (Downloaded times)
6. The Pack f. Too $hort & Mistah F.A.B. - Vans (remix) (Downloaded times)
7. Kelis f. Too $hort - Bossy (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke remix) (Downloaded times)
8. Too $hort - Blow The Whistle (Butcher Blend) (Downloaded times)

Bob Dylan released a definitive album for the newly recognized ipod generation.

9. Bob Dylan - Spirit of The Water (Downloaded times)

   Those who were ready to rock were definitely saluted this year as thrash ready albums from The Bronx, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Mars Volta, RX Bandits, Brand New, My Chemical Romance, Rise Against, and A.F.I. renewed reasoning for wearing a black t-shirt everyday.

10. The Bronx - History's Stranglers (Downloaded times)
11. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Cheated Hearts (AOL Sessions) (Downloaded times)
12. The Mars Volta - Vicarious Atonement (Downloaded times)
13. RX Bandits - ...And The Battle Begun (Downloaded times)
14. Brand New - Jesus (Downloaded times)
15. My Chemical Romance - Cancer (Downloaded times)
16. Rise Against - Bricks (Downloaded times)
17. A.F.I. - The Missing Frame (Downloaded times)

   The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sonic Youth, and Pearl Jam all released critically acclaimed albums further cementing their spots as not just some of the top bands of the 90's but as legends in the form of Rock n' Roll.

18. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Hard To Concentrate (Downloaded times)
19. Sonic Youth - Incinerate (Downloaded times)
20. Pearl Jam - Inside Job (Downloaded times)

   The Killers saluted their Sin City hometown with an album greatly misinterpreted as being sub par. The Flaming Lips proved that there is life after Yoshimi.

21. The Killers - Where The White Boys Dance (Downloaded times)
22. The Flaming Lips - W.A.N.D (Downloaded times)

   Snoop Dogg came back fiercer than ever on his late 2006 release, citing his son's apathetic feelings towards his father's music as the reasoning to prove once again that the extra 'g' in Dogg is definitely for gangster. In between filming HP commercials and holding hands with Foxxy Cleopatra, Jay-Z managed to scrape together his first post retirement album with none other than Dr. Dre and Coldplay's Chris Martin behind the boards. T.I. flexed some serious lyrical muscle early on with his boastfully titled King record, with help from (B)ape draped Pharrell Williams, proving he was much more than just another Southern rubber band man.

23. Snoop Dogg - Think About It (Downloaded times)
24. Jay-Z f. Chrissette Michelle - Lost Ones (Prod by Dr. Dre) (Downloaded times)
25. T.I. - I'm Talkin' To You (Downloaded times)

   Ghostface Killah, Ol' Dirty Bastard, and Method Man all brought the ruckus respectively in 2006 with firm solo albums while rumors of a full on Wu-Tang Clan album lurk in 2007.

26. Ghostface Killah f. Wu-Tang Clan - 9 Milit Bros. (Downloaded times)
27. Ol' Dirty Bastard feat. RZA - Stomp (Downloaded times)
28. Method Man - Fall Out (Downloaded times)

   Besides being the year of the dog, 2006 also proved to be the year of the side project as big names all over the industry tried on some different music making pants. Jack White answered any questions as to how a full band would sound with him on lead with The Raconteurs. The eclectic marsh-mellow bellyed Cee-Lo had the smash hit of the summer when DJ Danger Mouse and himself second guessed their sanity with their Gnarls Barkley project. Gawky Radiohead frontman, Thom Yorke, revealed he had saved some beeps and blips just for himself with his greatly praised solo record, The Eraser.

29. The Raconteurs - Level (Downloaded times)
30. Gnarls Barkley - Crazy (Live from Top of The Pops) (Downloaded times)
31. Thom Yorke - Black Swan (Downloaded times)

   Finally the break out surprise of the year was definitely the Valley's own, The Format who proved with legitimacy to the New York hipster crowd what Scottsdale high school sophomores have known for years.

32. The Format - Dog Problems (Downloaded times)

Posted on 02/05/07 at 9:48pm By: Austin

Posted on 1/25/07 at 12:41pm By: Sean

+44 Artist: +44
Song: 155 (Downloaded times)
Album: When Your Heart Stops Beating
Year: 2006
Description: Wait a minute…this sounds like Blink 182. Well that’s because +44 is 2/3 of the former Blink 182. Tom DeLonge who has seemingly turned his back on Blink to focus on his Angles and Airwaves project, has left his two former band mates Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker who decided to do what? Create another kick ass band is what. While +44 started out focused on more of an electronic sound, the pop punk in them prevailed. With their now guitar led rock having electronic undertones the songs seem like a more mellow version of Blink. Don’t get me wrong. With the addition of Craig Fairbaugh and Shane Gallagher, +44 is much more controlled than Blink was. This is what the future of Blink’s former band members should be, and is something I dig, unlike Angles and Airwaves, sorry Tom.

Buy it Now | Posted on 11/27/06 at 2:58pm By: Sean

matt weddle Artist: Matt Weddle
Song: Hey Ya (acoustic cover) (Downloaded times)
Album: unreleased
Year: 2006
Description: Ok, so this is a little late. Well very late. This is a home made video from an open mic night at a bar in Tempe Arizona, home of Matt Weddle's band Obadiah Parker. This is one of my favorite cover songs of all time. It is amazing what a man with such a great voice can do to a 2003 chart topper. Well "Hey Ya" is topping the charts once again as this video has made it onto YouTube’s Top 100. Now that’s Ice Cold.

Watch the Video | Download it Now | Posted on 11/20/06 at 8:59pm By: Sean

the annuals Artist: Annuals
Song: Bleary Eyed (Downloaded times)
Album: Be He Me
Year: 2006
Description: If you are in the music blogisphere I am sure you have heard about the Annuals by now. This indie group led by Adam Baker, who is a ripe young age of 19 has garnered quite a bit of hype. They are already being compared to the likes of the Arcade Fire, and Broken Social Scene. Although from the limited songs I have heard, these comparisons do not do the Annuals justice; they have the talent to become much bigger. Their debut CD Be He Me is due out on October 17th, and this is one I would definitely go out and pick up.

Buy it Now | Posted on 9/18/06 at 11:21pm By: Sean

mf doom Artist: MF Doom
Song: Change The Beat (Pz Wicket Child Remix)
(Downloaded times)
Album: Me & This Army: Radiohead Remixes
Year: 2005
Description: Starting out as a fun little project with Panzah Zandahz playing around and releasing a 12" entitled "Radiohead breaks & beats" it quickly gained popularity and demand for a CD version. Not wanting to disappoint and not able to release it as is, Panzah created a college of original remixes, mash ups, & covers. I mean with a line up consisting of Cut Chemists, MF Doom, Ghostface, Jungle Brothers, Edan, Kool Keith, and De La Soul (just to name a few) all mixed over remixed Radiohead beats, how can it not be awesome.

Buy it Now | Posted By: Sean

Mac Dre & Mac Mall Artist: Mac Dre & Mac Mall feat. E-40
Song: Dredio (Downloaded times)
Album: Da U.S. Open
Year: 2005
Description: WELL GHOSTRIDE THE WHIP AND CALL ME CUDDY! THIS HERE IS A SLUMPER! This track features three out of the four most fresh things to come out of Vallejo, CA (#1 E-40 #2 Mac Dre #3 Marine World #4 Mac Mall). The Walter Cronkite of Thizzlamic correspondents, Mac Dre, made sure to lay some hot shit down on this throwback track shouting out Deceptacons and Lion-O, Lord of the Thunder Cats, in the same breathe before he was most heinously gunned down in 2004. Both Mac Dre and Mall aren’t huge pioneers in the Hyphy Movement but bring you this slap track that’s going to make you want to lace up your force-1’s extra tight and pop-lock your way around the block for the next three minutes. E-40, hip hop ambassador of the Bay and as of recently, MTV star with his class act “Tell Me When to Go” video featuring Gorilla Beam alumni, Keak da Sneak, getting airtime on MTV 2, MTV and BET, sprinkles his verse with his usual Bay boasting and clever zings! that keep this track hustling and flowing all the way back to ‘85. You know Ramo from Beat Street would be bumping this shit if he didn’t get toasted by the third rail. R.I.P. RAMO. While you’re at it, throw up a T for Mac motherfuckin’ D.R.E. too.

Buy it Now | Posted By: Austin

in flames Artist: In Flames
Song:: Leeches (Downloaded times)
Album: Come Clarity
Year: 2006
Description: At last In Flames answers their fans cries! A return to their roots if you will. For the past couple albums fans have accused the Swedish melodic metal band of becoming too commercialized, selling out if you will. But with this album they return to what many of the diehard fans first fell in love with in the early 90’s. In this song in particular you hear the return of the guitar solos and harmonic vocals which had been lost in their past couple of albums. While it still retains some of the newer evolutionary sounds, which personally I don’t think is a bad thing, they have managed to satisfy their original fan base while not losing that progressive sound which I am sure has helped expand their fan base.

Buy it Now | Posted By: Sean

shiny toy guns Artist: Shiny Toy Guns
Song: Don’t Cry Out (Downloaded times)
Album: We Are Pilots
Year: 2005
Description: Too hip to be electronica and too electronic to be indie, Shiny Toy Guns have developed their own little niche for themselves nestled in with New Order cool break beats and choruses that catch enough attention to put some boogie in the tightest of 7’s. "Don’t Cry Out" is almost The Postal Service on E, an electronic trip down the rabbit hole through an against the clock scenario full of eagerness and constant gratification with each beat to step. Affinity for lush backgrounds almost capable of taking you off the ground, make these darlings of the LA scene-beat scene heralds for a sound that’s more the white to the black of acts like dance/punk royalty The Faint.

Buy it Now | Posted By: Austin

she wants revenge Artist: She Wants Revenge
Song: I Don't Want To Fall In Love (Downloaded times)
Album: She Wants Revenge
Year: 2005
Description: Starting with an infectious drum & bass beat that itself is already addictive, add a super catchy chorus, and you have a song that is sure to be stuck in your head. I must admit the first time I heard this song I wasn’t digging it as much and I favored their first single "Tear You Apart". But after the 3rd and 4th time listening to it, it has grown on me and has become my favorite song off their debut album. This Joy Division and Interpol sounding duo from Los Angeles are here to revive a sound, a sound that fans of early New Order and Depeche Mode are sure to love.

Buy it Now | Posted By: Sean

viva voce Artist: Viva Voce
Song: Alive With Pleasure (Downloaded times)
Album: The Heat Can Melt Your Brain
Year: 2004
Description: Like contemporaries The White Stripes and Mates of State, Viva Voce are another guy/gal rock combination who say fuck a full line-up, we can make some most radical music ourselves. “Alive With Pleasure” plays like a stripped down, less Canadian, Arcade Fire with a little more boogie and hip to get it from point A to B. Hand claps, piano plinks, wispy oo’s and what sounds like distorted kazoo, lead way to an acoustic based picnic of daytime vocals and sleigh bells. Perfect for people who like to smile while they dance or stoners with a heady speaker set up.

Buy it Now | Posted By: Austin

hooverphonic Artist: Hooverphonic
Song: The Magnificent Tree (Downloaded times)
Album: Magnificent Tree
Year: 2000
Discription: It’s that time again, time to get a nice warm coffee and sit down in a chair outside of the local Starbucks and watch the world go by. There is just something about Geike Arnaert's voice on this track that is soothing. Well I’m sure the flowing soundscapes provided by Alex Callier and smooth guitars by Raymond Geerts have something to do with it as well. So sit back, relax and let this Belgian trio massage you with gentle new wave elements and a twisted synth-pop sound.

Buy it Now | Posted By: Sean

shout out louds Artist: Shout Out Louds
Song: But Then Again No (Downloaded times)
Album: Very Loud
Year: 2005
Description: Shout Out Louds have entrenched this track with thick melancholy that can only be matched by the bittersweet days of those endless summers when the sun and that first kiss were the only things that truly mattered. Spring time seriousness and wispy lines that sound as if they were found in the snow next to lonely footsteps bring timelessness to this track in the same way when thinking about how your grandparents must have gone through all the same emotions as yourself 50 years ago. Prepare to get knocked back a couple years to memories of high school crushes and quiet walks home while this song flirts with your audio senses.

Buy it Now | Posted By: Austin

zion i Artist: Zion I (ft Grouch)
Song: Silly Putty (Downloaded times)
Album: Mind Over Matter
Year: 2000
Description: With the whole Hyphy Movement exploding recently, I thought it would be a good time to look at some other hip-hop artists from the bay. Oakland’s Zion and Amp Live who make up the duo Zion I are a different dose of Bay Area hip-hop. With their focus being on spiritualism rather than materialism you get something you don’t hear in main stream rap. Through simple observations and introspection you realize that "rap gives life a beat." This song in particular which was very experimental at the time, and still is today, with Amp’s trance/trip-hop beat and Zion’s and Grouch’s rhymes truly create poetry in motion.

Buy it Now | Posted By: Sean

jose gonzales Artist: José González
Song: Heartbeats (The Knife cover) (Downloaded times)
Album: Veneer
Year: 2005
Description: This song quickly became the soundtrack for my daily greeting of empty streets and the notorious off white overcast skies of San Francisco before the rest of the world has woke up as I made my way from the Powell St. station over to around Sutter and Geary, most times just putting this track on repeat in fear that another song would taint the moment. Much praise has been given to José González as he is being heralded to take the throne as the next king of the acoustic, following in the steps of those before him like Elliott Smith and Nick Drake. His quiet, nonabrasive approach combines an acoustic landscape accompanied with a soothing as a Santa Barabra wave break voice that pretty much creates perfection (or near perfection if you’re a Pitchfork indie elitist) in the from a single Swede and his guitar. González, who seemingly came out of nowhere, took the mp3 blog community by storm, creating more buzz than a hive of hipster honey bees; so much to the point that Sony has already licensed this song for use in their Bravia LCD television ad (which makes this post even more complete because it was filmed in San Francisco).

Original Track: The Knife- Heartbeats (OneMusic Session 2/17/05) (Downloaded times)
Sony commercial:

Buy it Now | Posted By: Austin

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Be the Riottt! Storms Thru SF by Austin

The Killers Come Home
by Austin

Cat Power's Moves: 'The Greatest' by Austin

Jenny Lewis, Ben Folds Know Solo by Austin

Vegoose '06 by Austin
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